4) Is the uncircumcised male at a disadvantage in our culture? Why or why not?

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4) Is the uncircumcised male at a disadvantage in our culture? Why or why not?

Post  PauLlamoso on Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:47 am

It is a tradition among Filipino men to get circumcised during their puberty. As I can recall, It is a sign of masculinity among us males in the room during grade school. When you get circumcised earlier, the better and Good luck to you when you already reached high school not being circumcised. People will mock you all day long saying that you're "supot!" or uncircumcised. The reason actually for being circumcised is because of the peer pressure rather than the other reasons possible. It is stated in an article *in the link above* that 90% of Filipino men are circumcised and less 9% are "supot" because of religious reasons and 1% because of medical reasons. (mga may sakit sa puso, etc)

Trivia: it may be a laughing stock to other males, but hey, guess what, it's actually better not to get circumcised for numerous reasons.

Studies had proved that the foreskin has a substance that provides moisture to the glands called the smegma and not only that, the smegma also has an antibacterial and antiviral property that may help prevent infection. Plus, it adds pleasure to coitus!. *haha* It says in the article that when the glands is covered with the foreskin, it makes it an "internal organ" so when a couple is into it, when the penis is inside the vagina, the foreskin slips back exposing the internal organ, the glands and meets the internal organ of the female.

may benefit pala kapag supot. congratulations sa mga supot! Razz

for me, it is a disadvantage being circumcised knowing these facts just now as well as an advantage because i wasn't mock and called "supot" during early times.

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congrats sa mga supot!

Post  kristal capalungan on Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:31 am

yuck pol! haha congrats dn sa mga supot hahahah bounce
kristal capalungan

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