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Reminders in Choosing a Topic Empty Reminders in Choosing a Topic

Post  meyen on Sat Feb 07, 2009 9:58 pm

Level III. To prevent the scenario that only "easy" questions are being answered, each question is good for 5 students only. Should there be five students already discussing that topic, look for another topic.

Congratulations to those who have posted their views already. Good job, juniors. Very Happy


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Reminders in Choosing a Topic Empty 4) Is the uncircumcised male at a disadvantage in our culture? Why or why not?

Post  jesanvictuelles on Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:19 am

For me, in our culture it is a disadvantage for uncircumcised male in terms of peer pressure, traditional factor and myths. When a man is uncircumcised, his manlihood is often questioned along with the hygienic beliefs. What really frightens adolescents is the teasing of their friends and families!
In the Philippines, the predominant driving forces for circumcision in males at present are tradition and peer pressure. Though the traditional factor may be religious in origin (at least for the Christians) it is usually non-religious in nature and now more related with social customs and practices. Furthermore, the traditional factor is usually vague in the sense that the parents and the male children are not able to pinpoint the exact reason for wanting a circumcision to be done. Peer pressure in the Philippines is strong and consists of the male children afraid to be teased of being “supot”. Traditional practices and peer pressure are really had to go against.
Popular belief of Filipinos is that circumcision is needed, around puberty, to spur growth. However, the predominant driving forces for circumcision in males are tradition and peer pressure. Male newborns are circumcised because of the parent’s belief of the traditional practice. Male adolescents and even adults are also circumcised because of the traditional need (“passage rite to manhood”) and peer pressure (afraid to be teased as “supot”). Circumcision is a ritual of passage, with an entire barkada of boys on the verge of puberty going through the guillotine together. Then there was this idea that uncircumcised males were "unclean" and that the "dirt" causes diseases in their partners. There is still the medical basis, particularly, in the belief that circumcision can prevent urinary tract infection, penile and cervical cancer, and sexually transmitted diseases. The sexual arguments for circumcision are based on the belief that circumcision offers more sexual enjoyment to both male and female partners.
It looks like circumcision's going to be around in the Philippines for some time. Our doctors will just have to keep speaking out, explaining the risks and disadvantages involved with circumcision including infections, bleeding, decrease in sexual pleasure. At the same time, they will have to keep on explaining that so-called benefits such as increased height, fertility, better lover and a longer penis are all myths.


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