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Post  mariellamarisse on Wed Feb 04, 2009 1:14 am

1) Textbooks state that sexuality has biological, psychological and 
social dimensions and that people engage in sex due to differing 
views. However, many individuals and religions take the position that only procreation justifies engaging in sexual activities. What do you 
personally believe in? Should sex be for procreation or recreation 
purposes as well? What are your influences for your views on this 

I was brought up in a home where people opt virtue over religion, i was never pressured into having to choose a religion early on in my life, i was free to practice as i saw fit and was encouraged to think as liberally as i desired, ofcourse within the jurisdiction of what was virtually correct.. Having said this, i've grown up with the influences that dicouraged premarital sex, not only because it is one of the few requests of the Lord in return for his unconditional love and unending blessings... I grew up with my mom discouraging the practice of premarital sex because it would jeopardize my integrity as a woman, old fashioned as it may seem, i also grew up with the concept that i should only engage in sexual activities when i am ready, physically, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually and spiritually capable of handling the consequences should they present they themselves to me with the worstcircumstances and scenario... I don't disagree with the fact that it is practiced not only in hopes of prorecation but also recreation, but i believe that you should practice it under wedlock, or at the least with someone whom you are decided you can live the remainder of your life with, someone who you can raise a child with, should you get pregnant.. And thus, no i don't disagree with those who practice it for the joy ot may bring them, but as long as it ht also in the Creator..


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