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Choose a topic.
2) Discuss the topic per readings you have made and your own opinion on the topic.
3) Classmates will comment on the discussions you made.
4) Post the reply to the comments made by your classmate.
5) Reminder: observe professional ethics in the posting of your comments and replies.


1. Textbooks state that sexuality has biological, psychological and social dimensions and that people engage in sex due to differing views. However, many individuals and religions take the position that only procreation justifies engaging in sexual activities. What do you personally believe in? Should sex be for procreation or recreation purposes as well? What are your influences for your views on this matter?

2. Many social and religious conservatives in North America, their organizations and supporters are heavily promoting the restriction of rights and protections for sexual minorities. This involves working towards a culture where homosexuality, and bisexuality are recognized as chosen, sexual behaviors, unnatural, abnormal, disordered, sinful, hated by God, changeable, and perhaps worthy of criminalization. What are your views on this matter? Do you support this movement? (From:
How do you think children should be taught about sexual anatomy? When should this teaching begin?
Should children be encouraged to use the correct terms about sexual anatomy or are slang words good enough? If slang words are used, are some more appropriate than others?
Is the uncircumcised male at a disadvantage in our culture? Why or why not?
Apart from religion, what other factors might contribute to parents deciding whether or not to have a baby boy circumcised?

6. Children and adolescents with disabilities may be more vulnerable to sexual abuse because of dependence on others for intimate care, increased exposure to a large number of caregivers and settings, inappropriate social skills, poor judgment, inability to seek help or report abuse, and lack of strategies to defend themselves against abuse. As a nurse, what will be our role in advocating for the rights of these children and protecting them from abuse? (From:;118/1/398)
The text states that in ancient times a menstruating woman was regarded as unclean and dangerous and that, even today, many couples avoid having intercourse while a woman is menstruating. What are the reasons for these negative values? What are your views about this statement?
Describe your idea of an ideal contraceptive method. What are the most essential criteria? What are additional features? Do any features exist which approximate this idea?
How should parents respond when they become aware that their children are playing doctor or engaging in sexual activities with their playmates? What if the playmates are siblings? Does that make a difference in how parents should respond?
Is it possible to tell children too much about sex when they ask questions? Should all questions be answered or are there some things that children should not be told until they are older? Provide a sample outline of what you think should be taught at certain age levels.

11. What are your personal beliefs and values on the following statements? Write agree or disagree to each statement and give your reasons why you agree or disagree.
• Adolescents should have access to contraceptive methods.
• Masturbation is healthy.
• Teen-aged girls should start wearing makeup to look more attractive.
• The more sexual experiences a boy has, the better lover he becomes.
• It is normal to kiss and pet during dates.

12. The text reports that babies experience sexual pleasure and apparently may even masturbate to orgasm. What do you suppose this signifies? How should parents respond if their baby shows extreme annoyance if efforts are made to interrupt his or her masturbation of is such self-stimulation is done many times during the day?

13. Is there still a double standard regarding sexual activitiy of boys versus girls? Do teenagers still talk in terms of "Nice girls" versus "malandi girls"? Why is there no male counterpart to a "malandi"?

14. Should contraceptives and birth control information be made available to minors through school clinics? If so, at what age should they be available?

15. Does listening to popular music and watching music videos with explicit sexual lyrics and actions increase the likelihood that teenagers will become sexually active? Why or why not?

16. Do boys and girls differ in how important "being in love" is to their becoming sexual with each other? Is the saying true that "boys fall in love in order to get sex, while girls give sex in order to get love'?

17. In your opinion, is there a prescribed age for a person to start engaging in sexual activities, like sexual intercourse? What are your basis for the prescription in the age? What is your view on teenagers engaging in sexual activities?

Sources: Some of the questions are taken from the following sources.
Book "Human Sexuality" by Masters, Johnson and Kolodny
Visit this website and read the Clinical Report: Sexuality of Children and Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities;118/1/398)

-Ma'am Celiz


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