How do you think children should be taught about sexual anatomy? When should this teaching begin?

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How do you think children should be taught about sexual anatomy? When should this teaching begin? Empty How do you think children should be taught about sexual anatomy? When should this teaching begin?

Post  esined17316 on Sun Feb 15, 2009 1:07 pm

Timothy Magtoto III-A

It's true: Our parents didn't talk to us about healthy sexuality, and, unfortunately, we're not doing much better with own children. A vast majority of young people say they receive more information about sexuality from their friends, media, and school than from their own home. This is not good news, especially when all studies show that the more positive, value-centered sex education kids receive in their home, the less promiscuous they will be.

A parent is almost always the person who has the best interest of their child in mind when it comes to sexuality. And you and I have the opportunity to provide our children healthy, value-centered sex education that is based on what God values. He has given us our sexuality. In the framework of Scripture, sex is not dirty. In the context of marriage it is rather beautiful. The world's culture has cheapened sex, but God's view of sexuality is wonderful and magnificent.

Frankly, it's not the primary job of schools to teach morals and values, and it definitely shouldn't be left to the latest rock star or media magnate. And friends? I now laugh out loud at what my friends told me in the fifth grade about the birds and the bees. Talk about wrong and misguided information.

Even though this generation of parents typically wants to do a better job of communication, too many well-meaning moms and dads are remaining silent for too long. Most didn't have a healthy conversation about sexuality modeled for them. They are afraid that talking about "it" will rob their children of their sexual innocence, or their children's sexual desires might be awakened early. Some parents avoid bringing up the subject because they might be asked about their experiences, and they aren't all that proud of how they handled their own sexuality. Regardless, the best person to teach your children about sexuality and relationships is you!

The Goal: A Lifetime of Sexual Integrity

For many parents, the foremost goal is to do everything possible to make sure their child stays pure until his or her wedding day. This is wonderful, but I believe we can and should do much more for our children. We can help establish in them lasting sexual integrity that starts at a young age and extends throughout their entire life, guiding their self-image, how they treat members of the opposite sex, and how they view and enjoy intimacy in marriage, as well as how resolute they are to remain faithful in mind and body. I compare it to teaching our children healthy eating habits. We certainly want them to eat their broccoli, whole grain breads, and other good things while living at home, but more than anything, we want them to continue reaping and enjoying the benefits of eating healthy after they have moved out.

Teaching Your Children Healthy Sexuality

Copyright ©️ 2008 by Jim Burns
Published by Bethany House Publishing, a division of Baker Publishing Group

First, I'm glad to hear that there's FINALLY parents out there who aren't waiting for thier daughter to come home pregnant before talking about sexuality. They're NOT too little to learn. There are some things she will undoubtedly not understand, but I think talking with kids about sexuality might be doing the right thing. We are too conservative in this country about sex, hence all the sexual problems we have here, teenage pregnancy being the biggest one with our kids. Don't laugh, kids are having sex at younger and younger ages. I have friends under 15 who have already experimented with sex, touching other friends, having other friends touch them. Our children now must have that knowledge and is better prepared for when this happens to them. The only proper way to do this is to have an exclusive and serious chat with our children and let them first explain their side regarding sex. The afterwards, the parents must now tell their children the advantages and disadvantages of having sex and that sexual intercourse in only done by married couple. We should be open minded to our children. Don't let them experiment on their own, we should guide them. We should tell them the facts of life because if our children will be so curious about sex, the tendency is that they will do everything to do it out of curiousity, that's why we need to establish to them a background regarding sexuality. Thus doing this will prevent them from having pre-marital sex.


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