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sex education for children? Empty sex education for children?

Post  princess on Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:12 pm

Sex education: Talking to school-age children about sex (

Sex education doesn't need to be a single tell-all discussion. Follow your children's cues about what they need to know — and when.
Sex education often begins as simple anatomy lessons during the toddler years. During the school-age years, you might wonder how much your children really need to know about sex. Never fear. Sex education doesn't need to be a single tell-all discussion. Instead, follow your children's cues about what they need to know — and when.

Expect detailed questions
Younger children are often satisfied with vague answers to questions about where babies come from or how babies are born. But school-age children tend to make stronger connections between sexuality and making babies. As their questions about sex become more complex — and perhaps more embarrassing — they may turn to friends or other sources for information.

When your school-age children ask questions about sex, you might want to first ask your children what they already know. Correct any misconceptions, and then offer enough details to answer the specific questions. Avoid long lectures.

Consider these examples:

What's an erection? You might say: "A boy's penis is usually soft. But sometimes it gets hard and stands away from the body. This is called an erection." Describe how an erection can happen while a boy is sleeping or when his penis is touched. This might also be the time to describe a wet dream.
What's a period? You might say: "A period means that a girl's body is mature enough to become pregnant." Explain how menstruation is an important part of the reproductive cycle. You might offer details on bleeding and feminine hygiene products.
How do people have sex? If your children wonder about the mechanics of sex, be honest. You might say: "The man puts his penis inside the woman's vagina."
Can two girls have sex? Or two boys? For some children, it might be enough to say: "Yes. There are many types of intimate relationships." If your children want to know more, you might take the opportunity to talk about respect for others or to share your personal thoughts about homosexuality.
What's masturbation? You might say: "Masturbation is when a boy rubs his penis or a girl rubs her vagina." Remind your children that masturbation is a normal — but private — activity.
Even if you're uncomfortable, forge ahead.

According to this article,...we should never fear to teach about sex education to children just explain it in a rigth manner. Children is always curious and we should never let every teachable moment to them. For me they have the right to know about sex but giudance is very important. Remember, you're setting the stage for open, honest discussions in the years to come.



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