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Welcome Everybody!! Empty Welcome Everybody!!

Post  Admin on Tue Dec 09, 2008 12:48 am

Good day, N202 Section D!

Start posting your questions to the report of group 3 on Typhoid Fever. Due:today (December 9). All questions for Group 3 wil be locked by 8 pm today, December 9, 2008. Group 3, start answering the questions and the forum will be locked by 12 noon tomorrow, December 10.

On December 10, start posting your questions for the last group, Group 2, for their report on Dengue Fever. Locking of the forum for the posting of questions will be at 5 pm, December 10.

Group 2, answer the questions posted and locking of the forum for the questions will be at 8 am December 11.

Thank you. Have fun, Section D in answering each other's questions.

Ma'am Celiz


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